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El Camino, Hereford

The Hereford breed, unlike other breeds, is a type of cattle that we call “forage”, but… what does it mean? 

Forage breeds such as Hereford or Angus are special, since they do not need feed to fatten themselves, they get fat from what they graze in the pastures.

These breeds cannot be fattened in an industrial way, they need a lot of space and land, so that as in all extensive livestock farming more CO2 is absorbed in the meadows than is emitted, extensive livestock farming helps in the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere.

So you have a product in which the fat has naturally infiltrated the meat and although it takes longer to mature and be ready, it is a quality product, beneficial to the environment, respectful of the landscape, especially in Cantabria called mosaic landscape.

In El Camino we have a small herd, in which we pamper our cows to the maximum to have strong, healthy calves that provide a quality product.

We are opening up to new markets and hope that a little piece of El Camino will delight your family tables.