Our skeins

We offer a variety of skeins of natural colors (Alpaca / Mohair)

The number of balls is limited since each animal gives us a different series.

We hope you find what you need! There is the possibility of reserving pre-shearing balls

Ecco Friendly

Unlike other fibres, fleece from alpaca and angora goats does not have as much fat, so no chemicals are needed to remove it and therefore less water is used.

We are breeders!

We carry out a large part of the process manually, therefore it is possible that you will find some vegetable remains inside the skeins.
(can be removed by hand without any problem)

New ideas?

Our vision for the future is to grow and offer a wide variety of natural fibres. Are there any that interest you? Let us know!

Madejas Alpaca

La alpaca como especie tiene más de 22 tonalidades distintas, desde el blanco al negro, pasando por toda la gama de los marrones, beige y grises. Buscamos nuevos colores gracias a cruces selectivos en el rebaño.

Madejas Mohair

Poco a poco iremos añadiendo colores gracias a tintes naturales. Y a futuro nos gustaría conseguir animales de color.

Do you want to add color to your skeins?

Rachel helps you! 100% natural dyes!