Our fibers, a natural atmospheric Co2 sink

When grazing is well planned (with frequent movements, rotating livestock and letting the land rest) plants contribute organic matter (carbon) to the soil following their natural cycle.
This is one of the guiding principles of El Camino.

And it is that 50% of the weight of the fiber is pure organic carbon.
This Carbon of the fiber was the existing one in the meadow, which in turn, was the one that has been fixed from the atmosphere by the plants.
If we transform this existing carbon into CO2, it would be equivalent to 1.8 kg of CO2 in each kg of clean fiber, “sequestered” in something durable, natural and ecological.

When you buy El Camino yarn, what you have between the needles is a sink of CO2 existing in the atmosphere 1-2 years ago.

Will you help us to keep fighting?

Alpaca and Mohair fiber properties

Alpaca Fiber Property

Flexibility: outperforming Merino and Mohair.

Hypoallergenic, unlike other animal fibers, alpaca does not produce allergies so it is suitable for everyone.

Mohair Property

Softness and luster, standing out from other animal fibers.

Fiber care

Hand wash

Avoid contact with hot water (could felt)

Dry horizontally without exposing to the sun (when the excess water drains, roll it up in a dry towel and apply a little pressure)